Saturday, October 15, 2011


Londyn turns the big 2!

Excited to help make the birthday cupcakes when she woke up.

Finishing off the bowl, yum :)

Birthday GIRL............

L. O. N. D. Y. N.
(She doesn't like to look at the camera for her mom)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First bath

As always, I'm way behind on keeping updated on the happenings with my family. These are pictures of Taylee's first sponge bath. Paisley is my "big helper" and tries to be the second mommy :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Labor day surprise!

My little Taylee Nicole arrived on Monday, September 5th at 5:34 am weighing in at 7lbs., 1oz and measuring 20 inches long. Here's our birth story:
On Sunday night around 10:00, I felt a few contractions during the car ride home after visiting my in laws. I noticed they were starting to pick up once we got home, but I didn't think too much of it since I was 38.3 weeks and never went early with my other two girls. After Paul and I put the girls down for the night, I decided to do the usual interventions that the labor nurses tell their patients: drink a large mug of water, lie down, soak in the tub, and watch to see if they continued or slowed down. After soaking in the tub, I continued to contract about every 2-3 minutes...but they weren't painful. At this point it was around midnight and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep, so I thought I'd clean my house. Once everything was picked up, I decided I better pack a hospital bag since the contractions were still consistent after a few hours of monitoring. On a side note, I work in the labor and delivery unit where I'd be delivering and REALLY did not want to be one of those girls that come in just because they had a couple contractions and get sent home. I still wasn't really hurting with my contractions, but I was checked a few days ago and was a 4 and 80% effaced and with this being my third pregnancy, I thought I should just get things checked out. I was induced with my last two so I didn't know what it was like to "go into labor" on my own. I called the L&D unit to see how busy they were and let them know I'd probably be in shortly.
Paul and I arrived at the hospital around 2:00 am. My awesome coworkers had already decorated my room and set everything up. I felt kind of stupid because I REALLY didn't want this to be false labor after all the cute decorations and preparation that had already been done. (PS, my coworkers are the best!)After being placed on the monitors, my nurse checked me during a contraction and my water broke! I was dilated to a 5 and admitted for labor. I couldn't believe I was going to have my baby! My sweet nurse called the anesthetist knowing I was planning on an epidural at some point since he wasn't in house at the time.
A little history about this doctor noticed early on that I had a low platelet count. We watched it close during my pregnancy and my platelets stayed around 100,000(normal is anything above 150,000). I was told it was gestational thrombocytopenia, a condition that can occur in 7-8% of pregnant women where platelet levels drop. For anyone that doesn't know, platelets are important for clotting the blood. In pregnancy, the problem with decreased platelets and recieving an epidural is the concern for an epidural hematoma, which can result in serious neurologic complications. Most hospitals won't place epidurals if platelet levels are below 100,000, but my anesthetist (who is THE best) said he'd be okay placing it if my platelet count was over 80,000...anyways history in a nutshell.
My labs were sent and although my platelet levels had always been right around 100,000, I didn't feel comfortable getting my epidural placed until I knew my results. I really wasn't hurting yet anyways. Anesthesia said he'd watch for the labs and then we'd go from there. Around 3:00, my labs came back at 80,000!!!! I thought my nurse was joking. Serioiusly, I had not mentally prepared myself for anything but a delivery with an epidural! I was in shock. The anesthetist said he'd still place the epidural but I really didn't feel comfortable with it. Paul and I were left alone for a few minutes and he asked if he could say a prayer. It was beautiful and exactly what I needed. I knew I didn't have a choice other than to go natural due to the fact that I was a wife and mother. But, I was SCARED and nervous. Being a labor nurse, I knew what happened with natural hurts, and it hurts BAD. I never really cared or even had the desire to ever experience natural labor. However, I mentally made the decision there was no other choice and went for it. Around 4:00, my contractions had spaced out so my doctor ordered to start me on pitocin. Again, I thought my nurse was joking! I've witnessed the difference pitocin makes on a natural labor: 1) it makes contractions stronger and more painful, 2) you have to stay in bed for continuous monitoring, and 3) my water was already broke so I knew it would be that more intense feeling the pressure with each contraction...but I trusted my doctor and knew he wouldn't intentionally torture me (hopefully:)
Around 5:00, I was hurting pretty bad and had my nurse check me. I was at a 7. I decided a dose a pain medication would be okay at this point. Once she gave me the medication, I had a couple contactions where I was able to slightly relax, and then I felt like I needed to PUSH! My doctor was called and raced to the hospital. In the meantime, my nurse coached me through the remaining contractions. She mainly said "Don't push!" Let me tell you, it is SO hard to fight against what your body is telling you to do. I focused only on her voice and tried to do what she said.
Before I knew it, my doctor was in the room and my sweet baby was born.

And I was blessed with this...

So relieved to have her here!

Taylee meeting her excited sisters for the first time :)
First day home!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

So it's been forever since I've a year, I know. I started feeling a little guilty, so here I am :) Paisley is growing up so fast, sassy and 3. She loves to participate in anything athletic, rough house with her dad, ride her bike, and play with her little sister. Londyn is 20 months and a big sweetheart. She LOVES her babies, snuggling, and playing with our malamute Maya. She would spend all day outside if you'd let her. These two little girls are connected at the hip, and entertain each other all day. We will be adding our third little girl to our family in September. We are all excited to meet her. Paisley asks almost daily if her little sister is coming. She seems to understand more than I would've thought. When I eat different things, she says "the baby likes pickles, etc. huh mom." She'll tell Londyn not to "smash the baby" if she's climbing on me. Last night I was pushing on my belly trying to see where her head was and Paisley saw and said "mom, don't hurt the baby." Too funny, she makes me laugh. We love our little girlies and can't wait to see what one more brings. (Hopefully not too much chaos.)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We went to the zoo Zoo ZOO!!!

Paul and I took the girls to the zoo yesterday. I wasn't sure if Paisley would be all that interested in looking at all the animals, but she LoVeD it. It was great to finally get outside. It was such a warm, sunny, beautiful day!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Londyn started crawling right at 7 months. She loves to follow everyone around the house, which is so fun. She babbles all the time and can now say mamama, dada, and huh-uh. She says all this randomly and doesn't associate it yet. However, I like to think her first word was mama, since Paisley said dada first :)

And just because, I thought I'd share the bed head Paisely wakes up with in the morning and after naps. CrAzY hAiR! She also loves to strip off her clothes once she's in bed at night. I just love that I can't keep pajamas on my child. That explains the no shirt in these pictures.